WANTED: 1940/41 Ford Pickup


Hey fellas… I’m looking for a good 1940 to ’41 Ford Pickup driver. Something solid with no rust and driving would fit the bill. If you have something, shoot me a line!

The Jalopy Journal #3

A bit off topic for the Ford Barn, but some of you guys might be interested in this… Essentially, we’ve released The Jalopy Journal #3. It isn’t a magazine. It’s a book. And it’s a book unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Flipping through it is akin to walking through a museum. It has white walls, white floors, gorgeous abstract art, and a furiously inebriated curator. And that’s really the best way I can describe it.

Anyway, you can get a copy here.

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The 1940 Ford Cutaway

What you see before you is something so incredibly rare that there doesn’t seem to be anyone alive that can actually tell us why it was made or for whom. It’s a 1940 Ford cutaway chassis and running gear that is owned and was restored by Rick Rennebohm of Whidbey Island, WA. Rick bought the enigmatic chassis on eBay in 2009 without knowing much about its history. He just thought it was cool… and had to have it.

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The Last Days of Henry Ford


Henry Dominguez is back with another book. This one, obviously, is on the last days of Henry Ford and promises to be a jewel. Henry was nice enough to send over some excerpts and a few images to wet your pallet. Check it out:

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The Henry Ford Pocket Watch

A little off topic, but I’m a watch guy… Always have been… Most car guys that aren’t watch guys, like those cheap Chinese made watches that you see advertised in the back of car magazines and what not. The ads are slick, the mechanical watches are not.

Anyway, let me introduce your to Shinola – an AMERICAN watch company. How about that?

And they just released the Henry Ford pocket watch… It’s pretty cool.

Check it out.

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