Ford Barn Birthday… Sort Of…

Well, as of today I’m the official owner of Ford Barn. It took me exactly a year to pay off Shelly with crisp green backs, but here I am… Owner. Editor. Moderator. Target of jokes. And it has been a great year. We’ve done a complete redesign. We’ve completely changed the site’s software. We’ve protected the past. We’ve protected the future.

In any case, I thought it would be interesting on this special day to go back and look at the stats of the site to see how we’ve done numerically. All of the changes we’ve done over the past year were actually quite risky. It’s amazingly easy to drive folks off with change and we did a whole lot of it… And you know what, I think we did a smash up job. These numbers prove it:

Pageview growth in the past 365 days: 72.34%
Unique visitor growth in the past 365 days: 49.5%
Average time spent on site growth in the past 365 days: 86.51%
Average number of posts per day growth in the past 365 days: 64%

Not too bad, huh?

Anyway, a special thanks to all of you fellas that have been so patient with me over the past year. This was a big hurdle to jump and we couldn’t have done it without all of you guys being understanding, willing to learn, and willing to give me a shot. I owe ya all…

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The Parts Store

This one has been sent to me via email no less than 10 times… So, many of you guys have probably seen it as well. In any case, I wanted to post it simply because it’s such a dreamy picture – A parts store with real, honest-to-goodness, PARTS! Can you imagine?

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New To Him

Whether it be a turn-key runner or a project,┬áthere is just something so damned exciting about getting a new car. In this day and age of the internet, most of us “see” our new cars for the first time via a picture. These first sightings… these pictures… get burned into your brain and become part of the car’s identity over the long haul. I cherish these images.

Anyway, AstroZombie recently got himself a new coupe and posted the above image of his find. It made me think, “I wonder if anyone else out there loves their first ‘sight’ as much as Zombie and I do.” If ya do, post them up!

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Ford Brazil

Not a lot of content here, but I recently stumbled onto these photos of the Ford Plant in Brazil taken in 1939. I love how humble the buildings look to be. The houses featured in one photo are actually Ford dormitories where Ford factory workers lived rent free!

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Vintage Ford