Building A Car In 87 Minutes

I just had to share this wonderful illustration Ford made in recognition of their 50th anniversary in 1953. The simplified floor plan was meant to show customers how quickly and efficiently their new Ford cars were build. The longest process- the actual body & floor pan build up- took just under 9 hours to come together, but the final assembly was start to finish in under 2 hours! That’s incredible. It was Henry Ford’s original T production line concept taken to the next level.

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The Rolling Road

I found the above photo in my humble archives and figured it was interesting enough to post. I’m willing to bet that many of you folks in the “Model-T” forum are way more knowledgeable about this photo than I am, but I believe this is a shot of Ford’s “Rolling Road.” Essentially, this was the last stage of the mechanical line and where the drivetrain went through the first of many tests.

Roll that sucker in, strap is down (or maybe not), and then give that little banger hell. Note the driver sitting on the gas tank – his foot appears to be all in. I assume the rest of the fellas are performing quality control with their ears.

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Ford Town U.S.A.

On September 24, 1960, Lee Iacocca saw his dream become a reality. That was the day that Flora, Illinois became “Ford Town USA.” It was a huge promotional stunt that Lee organized for Ford. Essentially, all 1600 citizens of Flora with a registered vehicle was given a new for 1961 Ford Falcon, Fairlane, Thunderbird, or truck to test drive for one week. All the passenger cars were painted white while the trucks were dressed in blue. For that one week, Flora was surely a sight to behold.

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Balanced To A ‘T’

I’ve long had a passion for old Ford Marketing programs. They used to be so innovative and so clever in spreading the word about their products. The above image is one of my favorites… Ford brought one of their cars to the Washington State fair in Seattle, set it up on a giant teeter totter, and then challenged fair goers to get it balanced. The very thought of the activity, they thought, proved the ease at with their car could be controlled.

Love it.

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Well, that wasn’t so bad was it? Since the launch of the new Ford Barn, we’ve had thousands of folks register and thousands of topics posted on the forum. I’m tickled and hope you fellas are having as much fun as I am. The new Ford Barn is gonna grow into something incredible – I just know it.

We’ve had a few bumps in the road though. I’ve gotten some emails asking about where the classifieds are. We still host them and you can find them here. But if you are just into rapping with the boys and talking about your old Fords, you should check out the forum here.

And as always, if you are having any trouble at all just send an email – I’ll get ya through it.

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