Early V8

How About An F1?

So I’ve given up on my hunt for a 40/41 Ford Pickup for a couple of reasons. First, the prices on these haulers have gotten so high that it doesn’t really make sense for a guy like me to use one as it was intended – a truck. Secondly, I’m doing a lot of wood working lately and the 40/41 bed isn’t wide enough for a standard sheet of plywood.

So, what now? Actually, I’ve started looking for an F1… or maybe even an early F100. Anyone have a line on a nice solid driver with no rust? Look me up if so!

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WANTED: 1940/41 Ford Pickup


Hey fellas… I’m looking for a good 1940 to ’41 Ford Pickup driver. Something solid with no rust and driving would fit the bill. If you have something, shoot me a line!

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The 1940 Ford Cutaway

What you see before you is something so incredibly rare that there doesn’t seem to be anyone alive that can actually tell us why it was made or for whom. It’s a 1940 Ford cutaway chassis and running gear that is owned and was restored by Rick Rennebohm of Whidbey Island, WA. Rick¬†bought the enigmatic chassis¬†on eBay in 2009 without knowing much about its history. He just thought it was cool… and had to have it.

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The Utility Bed

You know what this place needs? A thread dedicated to utility beds… So, post what ya got!

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6,000 Original Mile ’36 Club Cabriolet

I was tooling around the internet early this week and stumbled upon something you don’t see everyday. How about a ’36 Ford Club Cabriolet with 6000 original miles?

It’s for sale too.

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