An Early Ford Truck Post… Let’s see them.

You know what we need? An honest to goodness early Ford truck thread. We all need a vehicle for parts chasing, right? And what could be better for chasing early Ford parts than an early Ford truck? Let’s see yours – post pictures as a reply!

Note: The shot above is of a ’40 that one of our members (Ken Crans) recently picked up.

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Launch of the 1932 Ford

Jay found another couple of great videos covering the launch of the 1932 Ford… I’ll let him tell the story:

Henry Ford was taking a major gamble that he could keep the common man’s car economical, practical, and yet totally innovative and well equipped with features and horsepower that would maintain Ford’s control of the entry level automobile market… In the height of the Depression. There were major delays, serious engineering issues with the V-8, cost overruns, and dealers were furious waiting for the new cars to arrive, well into the Spring of 1932. Little did anyone know that the all-new for ‘32 Ford would become a milestone.

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Vintage Ford