The Last Days of Henry Ford


Henry Dominguez is back with another book. This one, obviously, is on the last days of Henry Ford and promises to be a jewel. Henry was nice enough to send over some excerpts and a few images to wet your pallet. Check it out:

“He would never leave her. He was always behind her; always with her,” explained the Fords’ maid, Rosa Buhler, and he followed her around like a little puppy.”

“Pull the fires!” instructed McIntyre, referring to the fires in the two large boilers. “Don’t wait for me! Pull the fires! NOW!”

“It was amusing when Ford died,” said Henry’s distant cousin, “the big headlines in the paper. No heat, no light, or gas in the house. It was because of his own bullheadedness that he died that way.”

“The night Mr. Ford died,” John Dahlinger told a friend, years later, “Mrs. Ford sent her service men over to my house. They went upstairs to my mother’s bedroom and cleaned out the safe.”

“So much must have been going through Eleanor’s mind, for she loved Henry Ford and despised him at the same time.”

“Three large floodlights, the kind used in movie productions, were set up in the space to the right of the bier, and blazed down upon Henry’s coffin.”

You can get your copy here.

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