1938 Ford Roadster Pick Up

I’ve always heard tales about Argentina and rare Ford stuff. A few years ago, there were all kinds of rumors floating around about a warehouse that was discovered housing crates of NOS Ardun heads. Before that, it was a rumor about 1000 replacement flathead blocks located in a similar fashion. And then, of course, there were all of the weird foreign variations of trucks that Ford Argentina put on the market. To be honest, I never put much stock in any of it and I certainly didn’t spend much time researching the relationship between Argentina and Ford. That is, until a few years ago…

The 1938 Ford roadster pick up pictured in this post was purchased by Revhead (a member of the H.A.M.B.) who lives just up the road in Dallas. It features a passenger car front-end (deluxe), passenger car fenders and modified running boards, and what looks to be a factory produced bed of some sort. The top appears crude, but it was actually fabricated quite keenly and features some cast parts. In fact, the more the details unfold the more they begin to tell the tale of a production line – limited or not.

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Bob Casey Interview

This might be old news, but I just found it… It’s an interview based on innovation with Bob Casey – one of the most knowledge men around when it comes to Ford, Henry Ford, and the history of the company. Pretty interesting. You can watch the whole interview here.

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High School Graduation – 1941

I stumbled on this a few days ago and thought you guys would dig it. Essentially, Life Magazine attended a high school graduation in 1941 and brought a long an inspired photographer. The result is a great set of images that includes the ‘co-ed stuffed 38 Deluxe above.

You can see the rest here.

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