Private Messaging

Let’s say you have something to say to another user, but would rather say it privately. You don’t have to post a new thread or a reply. Instead you can send the user a private message. To do so, simply click on their username. When you do, you will see this menu:

See where it says, “Send a Private Message?” Click on that sucker. You will then be taken to a page that allows you to send a private message to that user. It’s very similar to the “add new thread” or “post reply” page. Don’t be scared. You can do it!

Of course, if you can send private messages the chances are you might be getting private messages in return. How do you check them? Simple. If someone send you a private message, you will be notified on the upper right hand part of your screen. Check it out:

See the envelope? See the “Your Notifications” line? That means you have a private message. Click on that sucker and you will be taken to your inbox. It’s all very simple. Play around with it… You can’t hurt anything.