Registering for the new Ford Barn is easy. Here are the basics:

Step 1.
Just head on over to the registration page by clicking here. Once there, you will be asked for a username (this is the name that shows up when you post), password, and email address. Get all of this filled out along with the image verification field and then hit the “complete registration” button.


Step 2.
An email will be sent to the address you provided. In that email is a link. Click on that link and your account will be verified. We do this to protect the community from spam… You’ll thank me later.


Step 3.
Now, you can login. To do so, go here. Look on the upper right hand part of the screen just after the fancy new Ford Barn header. See where it asks for your username and password? Fill that out, click on the “remember me” box (if you don’t want to login every time you go to the site), and hit the “log in” button.


Easy, right?