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Default Photo Posting Directions Using Photobucket to Host Your Photos

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There has been alot of confusion and misinformation, plus lots of PM'd questions, regarding using Photobucket to host and post your photos from so I thought I'd type up some step by step directions. If you are really unfimiliar with the process read the direction thru once, I know it's hard for men to do, then print them out and have them next to you as you follow the steps. Really, really easy once you get the hang of it.

I use a place called Photobucket.
It's free, unless you go over their monthly allowance but we won't even worry about that right now. The nice thing about Photobucke is they "resize" the photo for you so if there are size requirements on the website you want to post your images on, you don't have to resize the photos first.

First step, go to Photobucket and register. This gives you a blank album AND in that album you can create sub-albums. This is an important step to stay organized. I've been using this site over 5 years and I wasn't organized at first and it was tough keeping everything straight and finding photos after awhile, so learn from my mistake. For example, lets just say you have two cars, a Ford and a Chevy. Create a separate sub-album for each car, or like I do, each event I attend. OR lets say you want to do a tech piece on rebuilding a trans, lable an album with "Trans Rebuild" and put all the photos in there for easy access and reference later.

Once you've titled your sub-album, click on it so this exact sub-album is the one the photos are going to upload to this time.

Now your ready to upload a few photos. See the green box right in the middle with the words Upload Images & Video? click on that, it gives you access to your picture folders on your hard drive. Double click on the folder of photos you want to open. There are a number of ways to upload a number of photos at the same time. I'll explain one for those of you that might not know. Left mouse click on one photo. See how the photo name is highlighted AND it copied down into the file name area? That one photo is the one that will be uploaded to Photobucket BUT if you want to do multipal ones from the same folder then with your left hand fingers hold down the CTRL and ALT keys and continue to left mouse click each of the photos. See how they are all highlighted? All these photos will be uploaded at the same time.

After you've chosen a number of photos that you want to upload to this specific album then hit the open tab. You can watch it upload each photo. Once completed, all those photos that you choose will be in your Photobucket album.

Now you are ready to post some photos on this site. But before we start that I want to make sure your photos are going to post in a message board size. While still in Photobucket look right below the green upload images and video box and see the words "more options" in green. Click on that. It will give you options in the size that your photos will post. You want to make sure you chose "large (640 x 480)" as your image size. This will give you a nice large photo without being too big where you have to scroll back and forth to view it. You only have to do this step ONCE and the size will always stay this size unless you change it.

Now open up your sub-album. See the 4 lines of text underneath each photo? You are going to COPY the last one labled "IMG Code". If you left click on it right at the very begining, it copies it without having to right click an draw your mouse across. If you do have to drag your mouse to copy it make sure you copy the whole image tag. If you leave off even one character, it won't work.

Now come over to the post you're making here on Ford Barn. Start your thread, type in your text then hit ENTER so you're on the next line, then right click and hit paste. The whole image tag will appear. Now hit enter twice so you are two lines below the photo and either type more text or copy and paste another image. You can post a number of images and all the text you want. Hitting "enter" twice allows for some white space between each photo.

Most of the sites I'm familiar with allow 20 images per post BUT you can always reply to your own thread and make another post with more images. Smilies count for an image.

Under no circumstances should you ever delete any of the photos you have in Photobucket, if you have posted those photos somewhere on the internet. If you move or delete an image this breaks the link to the photo on the website you pasted the img tags to and everyone will then see a big fat red x.

Using Photobucket is free to use AND does not cost the site you're posting the photos to any additional costs for extra bandwidth usage. Kinda like something for free. If you go way over the allotted bandwidth they then want you to pay. I went a couple of years before I started paying, so don't even worry about that now. I have over 21,000 photos on just one of my accounts there with 2,172,515 files viewed AND they still only charge me $20 PER YEAR! Yep, I'm a photo posting fool.

The directions might seem complicated at first but once use to the process will only take you a couple of seconds per photo. Oh yeah, and it goes without saying you can do videos the exact same way.

I'll monitor this thread and answer questions that might come up.
Your Topless Cruzn Pal, Denise

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