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Default Stuck engine

This is not Model A but Model TT fire truck. I haven't started this truck in 3 years and tried to crank it sometime ago and found it stuck. It has been stored inside and drove to the spot where I tried to start it. It didn't have water in the engine so I new it hadn't leaked in the cylinders. I took out the spark plugs and ran a scope down all 4 cylinders and there was no sign of rust. Back in the summer we had humidity that made everything in my machine shop sweat and rust and I wonder if this is a victim of this. I mixed up some atf and acetone and poured about 1/2 pint in each cylinder. Waited a couple days and jumped on crank but nothing moved. Tried this every day for a week. So I poured 1/2 pint of Evaporust in each cylinder and put a highlift jack under the crank and have left it in traction so to speak for the last month but no movement. I think its just the rings that are stuck to the cylinder walls because the walls are bright and shiny. The other bad news is the two middle cylinders are at TDC and the other two are at BDC and if I have to pull the head and bump the pistons with a block of wood it may damage the crank or rods. Any helpful ideas would be a help.
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