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Default Gas-Per-Mile

Were there any tools during the Dirty-Thirty's that were for the measuring miles per gallon? I've only found something from Hinkley-Meyers Company
that came out later-
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Kurt in NJ
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Default Re: Gas-Per-Mile

Yes, if you look in the service bulletins there's a picture, it's a glass bottle and electric fuel pump to fill it in a metal case along with a valves
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Default Re: Gas-Per-Mile

Seems like I remember seeing such devices in old magazines. A calibrated jar hung on the door frame with a hose going to the carb, and using the odometer to measure distance.
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Keith True
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Default Re: Gas-Per-Mile

I have one called the Mile-O-Meter.It was manufactured by a man a few miles from me.He also made a brake testing instrument.You hung it on the window,went X MPH,then slammed on the brakes.The pendulum had to swing a certain amount to pass inspection.His factory was in Boston,it was called Universal Chemists.His did lots of motor vehicle testing,he owned MVR,Motor Vehicle Research of New England.He hated Ralph Nader,but I can't write here just what he told me he thought of him.
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Smile Re: Gas-Per-Mile

What do you want one of those?, as I have one of those it's never been used but I won't sell the one I have as it took me over 10 years to find it. But I do know that there very rare as there's a picture of it in the the 1931 Ford news.

As I spent allot of money to get the one I have as it took me years to find one as if you read what's in the Ford News, it tells you that there were only like five or six dealers that did the contest in one state out East.

But what I don't know is if Ford sent them to all of the dealers in the U.S. or not, not even the Benson Research Center knows that one so that really could be really rare or it couldn't be rare at all.

But what I'm thinking that happened is when all of these dealers closed down those were just thrown away, as no one thought that they would be worth anything at the time.

So there might not be to many of those around these days as it took me about ten years to find one, as I thought that they were rare at that time but the guy that I bought it from is a M.A.F.C.A. judge

Or was and he said that he had it for a few years and that he thought it was rare as he didn't run into them very often, But he or I could be wrong also as no one really knows for sure if it is or not.

So if you are looking for one keep you ads posted and you might get lucky one day, but there not cheap anymore either as there's not that many of them around these days.

Good Luck Reggiedog
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