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Default 11" Clutch in a 32

I am just finishing off my 32 roadster, engine spec is 24 stud 59A, NOS Schieffer Aluminium Flywheel which runs an 11" Clutch. Trans is a later (to clear the clutch) standard 3 spd with stock K member and pedal set up.

Problem I am having is that with the motor idling and the clutch down to the boards the gears are grinding a little as if it is not fully disengaged. The only way I can get it to stop this is by taking the free play out of the pedal so the thrust bearing is constantly touching the pressure plate and the pedal is up against the floor board without the rubber bumper, which I know is less than ideal.

So the question is should this set up work? should the stock 32 linkage / pedal ratio etc disengage the clutch enough to shift? Anyone ever run one?

I know I should have gone for a 9" but this came my way all new and shiny and I dont want to change it out unless I really have no option as my engine has been balanced with this flywheel and clutch.
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Default Re: 11" Clutch in a 32


Sounds like you need a longer clutch release rod (Ford basic part number 7521). This problem is sometimes encountered with 9" clutches as well. The '32 truck rod (BB-7521), the '33-'34 V-8 rod (40-7521) and the '35 plus rod (48-7521) all are longer the B-7521 rod. Any one of these three should solve your clutch adjustment problem.

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Default Re: 11" Clutch in a 32

I am going through a problem with a friends 32 model B which uses the Model A clutch set up. Same kind of problem, Clutch will not release unless all the freeplay is taken out and still not enough travel in the up position. Even though Ford made a change late in the year to the longer theaded rod from the BB truck, the problem is not there. What happens is the clutch disc is too thick. The original thickness was .340". New ones with Marcel springs are measuring well over .410". If the pressure plate is not set up for the exact clutch disc, the fingers will be too far away from the throw out bearing. All this extra travel to get to the fingers and the ability to push the fingers to release everything requires way too much total travel available from clutch linkage. Measure everything and check the finger height. You will probably find the disc too thick and too "squishy" from the Marcel spring.
Just an opinion
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