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Default Re: Finally got it to not overheat!

Originally Posted by Dodge View Post
We just did the same thing. The motor is a 276 cu. in. With isky max one cam and Motor City Flathead heads. It has a B&M blower and Holley fuel injection.
It also ran hot with a new aluminum radiator in it so the old copper one went back in, no
More problem. Go figure.
If a $200 aluminum radiator that looks great, fits perfect, and is rated for 500 horsepower seems too good to be true . you know the rest. That Champion rating must have been for sub-zero air temperature and a NASCAR cooling fan.

And another thing: I found one of the mounting ears broken off when I took it out. It had been properly mounted with rubber pad, spring bolts and correct top braces.
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Default Re: Finally got it to not overheat!

Not a flathead but same topic. My 56 Thunderbird was heating badly after not being run for about 4 years. Before I found the problem, I did the usual. Flushed the whole system best I could, took out the thermostat, installed a new water pump, and checked the timing, all to no avail! So the I did what I should have done to start with. I removed the radiator and took off the top tank and tried to rod the tubes. I could only get the rod through about 2/3 of the tubes. So, I took off the bottom tank and worked on the tubes from both directions. Got all but 2 tubes cleaned out. Then, I bought some stop-leak just in case and soldered the tanks back on. No leaks! The car has since run cool as can be, with a t-stat installed.
I think I learned that the radiator was clogged up because I hadn't driven the car for a long time and the coolant had no rust inhibitor left in it. The block apparently shed a lot of rust over time, and clogged it up.
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