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Default Re: Carlisle

They usually let people in on Tuesday, but this year who knows. I will be there by early afternoon.
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Default Re: Carlisle

thanks Ed. what I wtd to hear...........
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dean from bozeman
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Default Re: Carlisle

Hi Will,

I really enjoyed reading your words. I agree with much. Some…not as much.

There are certain kinds of people who get their information from CNN and the like who consider themselves informed.
The same can be said for folks who listen to Fox and the like. While working for our government I lived overseas and lived under dictatorships. Anyone who thinks that they should listen to only to CNN or only to Fox, is experiencing what it is to live under a dictatorship. There’s only one way. Other ways are wrong. For a democracy to work we should listen to more than one voice. So informed, we can make a better decision. A mistake many make is that when they only listen to one voice, they feel that others are not listening, are uninformed, etc.

Picture stepping out of a bomb shelter after a wave of B-17s have done their thing. Every business would have been bankrupt.
I am a student of WWll. That indeed is what happened. However, folks who didn’t go in a bomb shelter would not have been safer.
We were in a “bomb shelter” at one time when the coronavirus was “bombing us”. We just came out of the shelter a bit early. Theoretically, if all were isolated for 2 weeks this coronavirus thing would be totally eliminated. That as we found out is hard to do. Especially when some in charge say, ‘Come on out”. We do need to realize that the “bombing” on still going on.

Personally, I am heavily invested in the hospitality business. I almost lost everything that first go round “in the bombing shelter”. It scares me and my wife that we may still succumb. But as long as the bombing continues (to use your analogy) we lose customers.
Those who don’t want to travel. Those who now can’t travel. Those who follow rules that travel should be restricted. The better we fight this common enemy the virus, the faster we can return to normal. Ignoring a problem is to give it power beyond belief.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, live your life.
Will, I sure hope that you do not get the COVID or get into a car crash.

Thank you for your words.
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Default Re: Carlisle

Closed due to politics and misinformation. Wear a mask and be safe folks.
Ryan Cochran*
- www.AtomicIndustry.com
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