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Default Model T hotrod

New to the group, thanks for letting me in. I just acquired a 1926 Model T coupe and would like to put a V8 with an automatic transmission in it.

My question is, is there a frame i should use that would work the best for what I want to do or should I build my own?
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Royce P
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Default Re: Model T hotrod

Personally I think way too many Model T coupes have already been wrecked by hot rodders. Look on eBay - they sell for about 1/10 what it cost to build one. Why not buy one there and save 90% of your cash and 100% of the time? Then you will start with one that is already ruined, and you can sell the good car to someone who cares about it.
You might find folks who share your vision on HAMB. This board is more slanted towards restoration and repair of actual Model T's.
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Chad Marchees
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Default Re: Model T hotrod

I fly on both sides of the fence, but if this is a stock car in good shape, I agree, don't wreck it. To many are lost to rodding them. Now if you have a bucket of parts, in my eyes that's another thing.

But this particular forum is definitively geared more towards stock Model T's. The HAMB forums is where the rodders hang out---but be forewarned, they are more of traditional rodders, with an eye on building in the style of the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. If your trying to build something more modern, I am sure there must be a street rod forum of some type.

Royce is definitely right, always cheaper to buy someones project when doing something like this, even if you have to completely rebuild it.

Again, if it's a nice car, try to find a real Model T guy to buy it before you ravage it.
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Default Re: Model T hotrod

I've seen some rough tall Ts that ended up as street rods. Some of the guys on that HAMB might play with T cars but as was mentioned many of them stick with the traditional flathead V8s, early Olds Rocket V8s, early Chevy stuff, and an occasional Cadillac V8 or Buick nail head from the era. The original frame is certainly too weak for consideration. The body would be the largest part you could use. Most of the rest should go to the restorer guys if your going that route.

The old Ts are an old slow mountain goat of a car. They will go damn near anywhere due to the control capability of the planetary type transmission and the tall skinny wheels & tires. They only have around 20 to 22 horse power stock but they are a lot of fun to tool around town in. A person couldn't get a much simpler car that will last forever if take care of properly. Beating an old coupe around with a small block V8 will rattle the thing apart eventually.

There are a few folks that hot rod the old 4-bangers and get some fair speed out of them but most are runabouts or roadsters with extra transmissions to get the speed up.
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Steve in NJ
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Default Re: Model T hotrod

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If you're a streetrodder, look up Boling Bros. in CA. They just came out with a brand new Model T streetrod chassis for Coupe or Sedan with full fenders. Its a beautiful chassis, and you can get it in a number of different ways. You want to talk to Derrick. He'll build it anyway you want it. You would have to put a lot of work into a stock Model T frame to hang a V8 in it. Leave the stock frames to the original T's...
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