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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

My Grandfather bought it new then passed it on to my dad and when my dad passed it came to me.. It is kind of neat though my Aunt said she has pictures of it with the bed off and logs strapped to the frame that her and my grandmother hauled to a location that my father and grandfather were building a log cabin.

1928 Roadster Pick Up
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

Bought mine in 1959 in Ontario, California when I was 16 from another high schooler who had just rebuilt the engine in shop class. Do not know the history before that since it has no numbers on where it was built but it has no body rust so must be CA car.
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

My Tudor was supposedly used as a milk delivery in Dodge, NE. My dad bought it in the late 50's and we didn't get around to restoring until the mid 80's. My coupe was owned by a nurse in Fremont, NE. A man purchased it from her and partially disassembled it after his boys had driven it to school for several years. My father and I bought it together and restored it in the 80's also.
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

I can trace the documented (title) ownership of my car back to the 1960 owner but nothing before that. I live in New Jersey and it appears that the state does not maintain any motor vehicle records prior for more than 7 years. Do any of you other New Jersey people know anything more than that? I find it hard to believe there is no archiving of historical data for criminal investigative purposes.
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

I acquired the Cabriolet from my Dad who is still on this side of the grass, but can no longer enjoy all of the things he did during his 30 year retirement. He built this car (and others) during his retirement which began in 1984. This one was purchased completely disassembled for the mere price of $300 and rebuilt from the ground up. I am sure there are parts from several different vehicles. In fact, the engine is from a '32 B. I am now in the process of replacing/repairing the gas tank and am learning more and more about the car as I proceed through what began as and continues as a pretty daunting task for a newbie!
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

My car came with DMV registrations back to the late 60's to the same name and address in Modesto California. I bought it from a gentleman in Marin county who had bought it from the widow of the guy on those regs. He had only owned it for about two years when I got it and had done nothing with it. My car is a SF assembly plant car so my guess is that it has never been out of California. I also believe that the body never been off the frame. I have tried to track down a phone number for the widow but have had no luck. The guy I bought it from said she was a shut in and a friend of hers brokered most of the deal and he only met her for a moment to give her the money. So i'm guessing ill never know any more
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

My car was purchased by Hiram Boylan March 1931. He was an machinist at Ford, Highland Park and a minister. I have the names and mileage from the next 5 owners. I'm the 7th.

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glenn in camino
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

I've owned 5 of my 6 Model As longer than any of their previous owners. I am their history.
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

I'm the third owner of my AA. The two previous owners were on farms less than two miles apart from each other. I wrote the history of the truck on the inside panel of the passenger door. This way the history will stay with the truck.

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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

One of these beauties landed in Vienna, Austria. A few weeks ago I bought it from the previous Austrian Owner in Kufstein (State of Tirol, the state of the famous Austrian ski champions....) and he impored this vehicle from Coyote Classics, 702 N 1st Str. Suite A, in Greende IA 50636.

The previous known owner has been Eugene Mayer, 129 W Main Str. Osage, IA 50461.

These info are all I have from the certificate of title to the vehicle.

In Europe there is a keen interest to know the entire history of a classic vehicle and I am trying my best to learn more about previous owners.

My question to this community is this: with these known information plus the VIN of the vehicle, is there any chance to find out more about the vehicles history ? It looks, that the vehicle has always been operated in the state of Iowa. Are there any historical VIN records by Ford to know, who the first dealer and first owner was ?

I tried to get into contact with Coyote Classics, but they did not response, I wanted to know, how long this vehicle has been in their ownership, if a renovation has been carried out that time or if it has been done some time before.

My 1929 Roadster Pickup is 98% original, the engine and suspension has been done in Austria, practically new, the body has been old but in a 99,9% corrosion free condition, however some paint work has been done and now I wait for a new top.

In Europe these Pickup Roadsters are very rare...

Any helpful advises for learn more about my vehicles history are very much appreciated,
Best Greetings from Vienna
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

My 1930 Coupe was purchased new by my Grandfather in 1930. He died the following January. My dad was five. The car stayed on the farm near Avon, Il. and eventually my dad drove it when he turned 16. Dad went to the end of WWII but when he returned he drove the car back and forth from the farm to our house in town. I actually got to sit on his lap and drive the car before it eventually broke and got parked. It was my "playhouse" when I was young. It sat and deteriorated until it was eventually sold in the mid 60s. I always wondered where it went and when I got older and had the money, I decided to try to find it. It took one phone call to the son of the man that bought it from my dad. The car had been "restored" in the early 80s but needed a lot of mechanical work. I bought it back in 2003 and have had a wonderful time with it. I consider myself as the "curator" of this one car museum and never intend to part with it again.
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Tom Cavallaro
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

All I know about my Model A is; according to the number on the engine, which is my title number, is September, 1930. A man in the Berlin NJ area had a used car lot who secured the car in 1972 from the original owner. He liked the car enough to park it in his garage, untitled till he sold it in 2006, to a neighbor whom owned a auto repair shop in the Tansboro NJ, area. This man purchased the Model A only to chop and modify, as he was already involved doing so with a 1954 ford hardtop, and a 1956 Fairlane convertable. A friend saw the 1930 on south jersey Craig's list and knew I was looking for an antique, brought it to my attention. I answered the ad with a phone call, went there after work saw the car, walked around the block about five times before calling again. When I did he said there was a man in the NY, area interested in it too. I purchased the car and he agreed to flatbed it to my address (about ten miles) upon our agreement was when he had to title the car in his name at that time. It took three weeks for him to accomplish this because of a sales tax issue. The man whom he had purchased it from, the state had no records,(never titled)and now that man had alztimers sp and didn't remember which car he sold. Don't know how but for three weeks I had a car with no title, finally showed up with a title so technically I am the fourth owner, but the title shows me as number three. I made this purchase in 2009, and asked him why he was selling, and he said he needed the money for payroll trying to keep his men working, so desperate at the time, he had his men splitting firewood to make ends meet.
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Smile Re: the history of your car ???????

I have the complete history of my 1930 Murray Townsedan. Mr Howard Crofoot,a farmer,from Newago, Mich. bought it new on May 19, 1930 at the Spier Ford Motor Sales, in Newago. And I have the original title, that states he paid $552.00 and making 12 payments of $46.00 per month. He sold the car to a Mr. John Keuvelaar in Grand Rapids, Mich. on June 11th, 1963. So the car only moved 36 miles to the south of Newago. A Mr. Thomas Blinn of Greenville, Mich., an Art teacher in Greenville schools, bought the car on August 11th, 1981, so the car only moved 34 miles this time, I bought the car from Mr. Blinn in August 2014, and drove the car with a blown head gasket 35 mile to my house. So the car has not traveled very far from the original point of sale. He did take the car to the National convention in Green Bay, Wi. once. In looking over the paper work and picture he gave me, I see that he had had an article published in the MARC News of Jan. 1988, but he never mentioned that to me. So I have no idea what he wrote about. He did say that Henry Ford had hired his Father as a civil engineer to work on the Rogue Plate. Mr Blinn is 88 years old, I hope to talk to him again and get more history. I had the engine rebuild and think I'm ready to drive the car to Puyallup, Wa this summer to the National convention.
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

I have full history on my Early Tudor. (A 2820).. And my Town Sedan 1931, there have been one owner before me on TS..
If you use Google translate, you can see more info on www.forda1927.dk


Tudor * A 2820 *

Town Sedan * A 4472283 * Orig.never restored.
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Dean Harris
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

Just purchased a 1930 Tudor from none other than AJ Foyt. He had purchased several years ago from a widow near Houston who was clearing out her late husbands things. Mr Foyt was trully a gentleman and we have really enjoyed working on and cruising in this awesome piece of history !
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

A farmer in Illinois bought my 29 roadster pick-up new in 1957 he traded it in on a new pick-up the 29 had 57,000 miles.The dealer kept it for 2 years as a shop truck then in 59 my Dad bought it,in 2007 it was left to me.
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

Bought my 1930 tudor sedan from a guy in Arlington Texas who had purchased it some years back from a Museum in Kentucky. Pretty decent old car. That is all the history I have though. www.picturetrail.com/bartmcneill to see it
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Dick Carne
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

Our '29 Briggs Town Sedan was originally purchased in western Kansas by the grandfather of a Mr. Clifford Acheson. The car was passed down from the original owner to his son, and ultimately to the late Mr. Acheson (the original owner's grandson), who I understand passed away sometime in the early to mid- 1990's. Mr. Acheson's widow sold the car in 2005 to Paul Kruse, who immediately listed the car on e-bay in mid-June of 2005. We purchased the car from Mr. Kruse. With that said, the car has undergone a number of "modifications" to transition it from a standard fordor to a Town Sedan, to include a cowl section and cowl band from a Murray TS, interior window frames and garnish mouldings from four other separate, different sources, etc., etc. All tolled, the current "composition" contains parts and pieces from probably between fifteen an twenty different donors [dome light, wheels, horn, steering column and sector (two different sources), internal metal brackets and braces, rear floor pan, rear valence, B-engine, etc.), so in one sense, it might arguably be considered more of a "mongrel" than an original car.

I've only been able to trace the history on our touring car to the early 1960's (we purchased the car in an un-restored state in 1965), and our roadster to the mid-seventies (I purchased this car in 1977).
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

I bought my 1929 Sport Coupe from a dealer in New York State last year, the previous owner was from PA. I then had it shipped to the UK. Would love to find out some more history one day.
Kevin Flood
West Berkshire UK
Listen to me on The Classic Car show on Americas Web Radio here

Sporadic progress on My 1929 Sport Coupe can be found here
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Default Re: the history of your car ???????

Our car was purchased new in CA, it was assembled in LA. Supposedly by the uncle of the lady we got it from. She inherited it, they never even transferred it to her name. They just parked it in a barn for 40 years.

It was unchanged except for some 30/31 wheels and some model B parts on the engine.

I wish I had the info like the dealer etc. that sold it, but the lady was a hoarder and if she even had it would never have been able to find it in that house. Even she is gone now, so I likely will never know the rest.

It had 1968 CA black plates when I got it, how it survived the hot rod scene unscathed is beyond me.
1929 Model A Barn find. California car, just a few more parts to find.

Interior, steering box (rebuild), and I am sure much more!
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