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Default Antifreeze questions

I sent the questions below to Prestone recently. The company’s reply follows. Any thoughts or comments?

My Questions to Prestone:

I have a 1928 Ford Model A. It has no coolant reservoir, no heater and
its cooling system is not pressurized. When it overheats, it just
blows its top. (My car has not overheated, yet.) Its four-cylinder
engine is cast iron.

Q1: Can I, or should I, use AS105 Radiator Flush in the Model A's
cooling system?

Q2: You have several kinds of antifreeze - Extended Life, Dex-cool and
Low-Tox to mention a few. Which one would you recommend for my
87-year-old Model A?


I do not foresee any problems with using the Prestone Radiator Flush + Cleaner in that application, however I cannot expressly endorse its use due to a lack of familiarity with the exact materials used in cooling systems of that vintage. Personally, I would recommend the Prestone LowTox for use in that vehicle for two reasons:

First, it uses a conventional silicated corrosion inhibitor package that is better suited for an unpressurized, open cooling system than modern extended life formulations.

Second, it is based on propylene glycol which is far less toxic to pets and wildlife than the ethylene glycol used in regular antifreeze, thus there is less ecological concern if the vehicle happens to boil over.

Please be sure to flush the system with water thoroughly to remove any EG-based antifreeze prior to switching the vehicle over to the Prestone LowTox. Please let me know if you require anything further.


Prestone Consumer Relations
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

If I every use anything that's chemical to flush my radiator, I'll surely make sure it hits only that... i.e. not to back flush loosened junk from it into the engine.. If I was to flush the water jacket. I'd remove the radiator so I'd not flush engine rust etc. into the radiator... Seems to me keep the two systems separator when flushing... 2 cents from a newbie..

Late 31' Ford Model A Tudor, Miss Daisy

I don't work on cars --I'm learning about my Model A.

Cleveland, Ohio
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

Do you know the prestone reps credentials and training that gave you the advice ?
He did state that he knows nothing about the make up of an 87 year old car. Do some searches here on the barn about cooling systems. You'll read about individuals flushing a good working cooling system and ending up with more than they bargained for. My advice is if your system is operating normally drain and refill with standard antifreeze. I use 50/50.
Good luck on the path you choose

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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

Sorta like if you haven't found any trouble the don't go looking for it?

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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

You titled this thread 'Antifreeze questions'.

What are your questions?
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Big hammer
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

Drive it :-) Then when if you have problems then work on you problem :-)
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

Be careful flushing. Read quite a few post how to do it correct. I have been running low tox antifreeze since 2000 in both cars. The other 2 things that it is good for 1. wont foam at speeds above 45- plus some radiators foam some dont with reg. antifreeze. 2. It wont be bad on your paint if it sprays from radiator or leaks under the hood somewhere. Have fun modelAtony tony white Lafayette, LA
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glenn in camino
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

If any of it leaks out, it will remove the paint from anything it touches, like the hood, fenders, etc.
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John Stone
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

Also, propylene glycol gives a different reading when checking the freeze point with a normal cheap antifreeze tester. If you mix it 50/50, no problem and doesn't need checked.
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Default Re: Antifreeze questions

I use low tox antifreeze mixed 50/50 with no problems. We have cats who inhabit the garage (and cars) from time to time so it gives me piece of mind with the open system. Before switching from tap water that my dad used I flushed the cooling system with white vinegar as others have suggested. If you do it make sure you have no leaks as the fan will blow rust everywhere and the vinegar/rust combo will stain your finish very quickly. Ask me how I know...
Had to buff the hood (inside and out), the firewall, and some portions of the front fenders.
1929 (early) Model A Special Coupe - restored to original

1964 Buick Wildcat convertible
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