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Default '40 pulley & fan balancing

This may be of some guidance. When I originally built the 59L it was for the roadster, but it's home changed to the '40. I had the crankshaft, flywheel, pressure plate and front pulley all balanced at the some time as recommended by the shop. When the 59L changed homes I asked the shop to balance the '40 pulley & fan w/out the crank which was in the 59L It took them awhile to engineer a way to do it without the crank, but I was glad they figured it out because the pulley was out 20 grams, and the fan 30 grams, or 50 grams total for both. They did the pulley first, and then the fan & pulley. It required drilling a few holes in the pulley, and grinding a little of the fan hub, and get this, shortening one of the fan blades. Interestingly one blade was already shorter. Was that how Ford balanced them if they did ?
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Default Re: '40 pulley & fan balancing

I have seen what looks like a washer welded or riveted to a NOS 40 fan blade so, they must have done some rudimentary balance of it. 3 of the 6 fan blades on a 40 are shorter (at least for an 85 hp engine) If one of either the 3 short or 3 long blades was shorter then the others, that is probably where your imbalance came from. Probably defective from the get go.

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