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John Gibson
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Default Fuel Delivery Issues

My 36 Phaeton failed four times on the road because of fuel delivery problems. I tried all the usual remedies. I first posted on this issue in November 2018.

Today I found the real problem. I removed the gas tank and the fuel pickup tube in the tank was clogged solid! I tried running an 1/8 in welding rod through it to no avail. Finally ran a long 1/8th drill through the clog being really careful not to pierce the tank itself. It was an almost cement like obstruction. No wonder I wasn’t getting fuel to the carburetor.

Bob Drake forgot to reorder the 68-9002 tank which fits 35 & 36 models and it will be a year or more before he has any.

My tank has a lot of scale, etc in it. It appears to have had some sort of sealant put in it. I’m going to run it to the radiator folks in town for their opinion.

What is the best method to clean my tank to get another couple of years out of it until I can get a new one.

Here’s my November 2018 post:

My 36 Phaeton is giving me fits. It seems to run out of fuel and stop by the side of the road. Put one of Bubba’s condensers on it, rebuilt the Strom 97, tried three different fuel pumps. The old flexible fuel line would turn on the brass fittings so I tried putting a clear line on and made sure that I wasn’t getting vacuum leaks. She quit again today on the way to the Veterns Day parade. I’m getting what looks to be air bubbles in the line when I believe that it should not have bubbles in it. I’m running Marine gas in it. I’ve attached a photo showing the fuel and either air or a vacuum void. I’m sure wiser minds than mine will know the answer.

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Default Re: Fuel Delivery Issues

There are procedures online to clean a fuel tank that I have used, but not sure which is best to use if the tank has a sealer in it.
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Default Re: Fuel Delivery Issues

Dennis Carpenter or Shoe Box Central??
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Default Re: Fuel Delivery Issues

Had a similar problem many years ago on a 40 tank. Removed the tank and let it air out for a few hot days. Filled it with water, carefully cut the top off the tank with a hand held hack saw blade so I could manually clean the inside. Then (with tank full of water) rewelded the top of the tank back in place. Then covered the entire tank with fiber glass matt and resin. Worked fine for many more years. I think the early tanks were made of terne plate.

Buy or make your own blade holder.
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