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Bruce of MN
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Default Epoxy Repairs

This Loctite brochure has some interesting repair applications that may useful for Model A work:

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H. L. Chauvin
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Default Re: Epoxy Repairs

Hi Bruce,

According to research technicians from similar manufacturers of similar products such as Devcon, POR 15, J.B. Weld etc., over 90% of epoxy & synthetic product failures occur for the same single reason:

Improper surface cleaning & preparation.

In working with oily metal such as vintage engines, manufacturers' technicians will ascertain that improper cleaning usually incorrectly starts with someone trying to clean oily metal with gasoline, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, etc., which only dissolves oil & grease & allows it to enter deeper into the pores of the porous metal.

POR salesman some time ago told me 90% of their POR 15 product failures are caused by well experienced hard headed professional painters who just flat out refuse to follow POR cleaning & surface preparation directions for applying this unique coating which is "not" the same as paint.

Devcon technician explained how he was able to successfully repair axle keyways in worn axle keyway slots -- similar tune -- proper cleaning the surface with an oil emulsifying & oil lifting chemical ......... and cutting & roughening preparation of the metal with a Dremel tool whereby the enlarged metal surface area could better grip the epoxy.

Dentists can work wonders today making long lasting caps for teeth with similar products.

Thanks for taking the time to share this valuable information.

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