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Default Roof trim on a 29 Tudor

This is a question that I have not gotten many concrete answers on so I keep asking around. I have put new top material on the 29 Tudor and stretched it nice and tight.

Next step is the front and rear trim and the rain drip rails (gutters) on the side.

For the trim, I have new steel 2-piece snap-on style that comes in 72 inch lengths. The needed lengths for the front and rear are 49.5 inches and 70 inches, respectfully. I have painted them black.

For the drip rails, I did not order the straight (unbent) aluminum ones because of my perceived difficulty in shaping aluminum, so I am planning on cleaning up and straightening the old ones and reusing them.

The part I am looking for advice on is how to shape and form the front and rear trim.

Here is what I am thinking:

For the front, there is only one curve at each end. Seems simple enough. My idea is to snap them together to shape them and cut them to length. Then take them apart and tack the base into the front edge of the roof, shaping as I go once done snap the cap on the base, maybe with a rubber mallet and touch-up the boogeers in the paint.

For the rear, I am afraid the curve along the edge of the trim will cause it to kink. It seems like a very hard situation. Henry Ford must have had a stamp that made them pre-formed when originally put on the car. Anyway, I was going to try the front first to get some level of experience, then move to the back. However, I don't know for sure what the best way to do it is.

Short of going instead to Hidem Welt, can anyone give suggestions?

PS: I am not building this for a show/points car. I am, however trying to keep it original and nice. I have a nice paint job and would like to keep it as original as far as nuts, bolts and things as I can. In other words, I am removing all the farmer fixes that the car accumulated over its 90 year history. So, if Hidem Welt is the answer, I would consider it, but I do desire to keep to the original design if possible.


-Bill G

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Steve Plucker
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Default Re: Roof trim on a 29 Tudor

Show/ points or not..if it were me...and you know me Bill...I would chuck the reproduction crap and take the time to find the original parts, which are out there, and forget the headachs...then sit back and smell the roses.

Took me about a year to find the parts for my Coupe.

I have the rain gutters you need...but you passed them up...remember?

Also the front and back "tack" strips but not the snap-on parts.


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