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Default Re: New or Used Parts

Juice brakes on a Model A is a waste of time and money,a properly set up mechanical system will stop just as well,my opinion.
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Default Re: New or Used Parts

Hi Copgib

I have been following your brake thread. I don’t normally advertise for myself or others, but in this case maybe I can offer some advise. In Florida I know of 3 mechanical brake installers if you are interested.

One in Titisvile, one in Stuart and one in West Palm Beach. Some venders as well as myself offer prefab kits that you can install yourself. Price varies depending on your needs. If you want to give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

Fhane Jones
Stuart Model A Parts, Service and Restoration
772 341 8291
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Default Re: New or Used Parts

Ok guys I want to let everyone know that I have decided to put the orignal mechanical brakes on all for wheels. I don't know right now how I will put them on since I have no experience at installing them. But I plan to buy everything new so I won't run into any problems down the road with something wearing out. Thanks for everyones input, it helpped me decide. Hugh
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Bob C
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Default Re: New or Used Parts

If your going with stock brakes give Randy a call, can't beat his service.
Randy Gross

Never mind, I see from the post on the other site that you already contacted Randy.

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Default Re: New or Used Parts

You already have hydraulics set up for the rear brakes? do they work? if so,then its just a matter of fabbing up a few brake lines and replacing the front backing plates...way easier and cheaper than going full mechanical.A professionally built set of mechanical foundation assemblies..backing plates with all the goodies,and cast iron drums can cost 1500 plus,not to mention what might have been altered or took off your car.Then you have to install it all and tune it.Given you have no experience you could be in quite a bit of money before your on the road. Id get a professional to inspect your existing hydraulic system,and if its good,Id add front hydraulic brakes and call it good,your wallet will love you for it.
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Default Re: New or Used Parts

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Originally Posted by Charlie Stephens View Post
I agree 100% when you say "the tire isnít smart enough to know if a hydraulic or a mechanical brake was actuated to cause the skid...therefore, once you achieve a skid of Model A braking...will hydraulics improve that? ". I must agree that hydraulics will not improve that. But I also note that you said "tire" in the singular. The problem is with the tires (plural). With mechanical brakes you don't get the same force applied to all 4 tires. Proper rebuilding and adjusting will solve the problems but I bet that 50% of the Model A's on the road meet that criteria. I have mechanical brakes on my car but they are in the 50% that are properly rebuilt and adjusted.

Your "footprint" observation is interesting. Most often overlooked is that the downward force on the tire is less with a larger footprint. I hear this often but would sure like to see some real tests conducted on this theory.

Charlie Stephens

What youíve said is true enough. That was a really good comment youíve made as well.

The downward pressure is increased (mathematically) as the surface footprint decreases...which is why when Ford first increased hp they increased the surface areas of the brakes by increasing the diameters of the mechanical brakes, and also increased the tire footprint at the roads surface, and smaller wheel sizes (obviously another factor to downward force issues), but you get that I can tell by your comments your a smart guy...and every owner since that time used those later model wheels on model Aís when they could for those very reasons....lol

sidebar: Iíve always wondered why traditional hot rod people...never/extremely rarely see those examples of those cars with the later mechanicals...and a V8...there is virtue in consistency. lol

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1931 flamingo
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Default Re: New or Used Parts

Put the hydraulics on the front and don't look back. The 46-48's are preferred over the 39-42's for ease of adjustment.


Paul in CT
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