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Default driveshaft advice for a one of a kind TT

Hi, I inherited a farmer built Ford snowmobile. My grandfather as a teenager collected every car he could find, at one time he said he had probably 60 Fords.When he returned from the war and began farming on his own all the cars left except this homemade one. Anyway, in the 1930's he put together a snowmobile using various parts. He had the correct Skis and tracks from the company that made the conversion kits in NH. He used a Model TT truck frame and worm drive axle but used a model A motor and two A transmissions hooked together. The rear transmission was then fastened directly to the rear axle with what i believe may be a homemade coupler. The TT frame was shortened at one point and I am not sure if he did that or if it was already done so the entire frame is only 8ft long. I am new to vehicles of this era and am trying to learn but what I'd like to do is set the motor at the front of the frame to allow for a little more room to work with for a homemade body. This would mean that I would somehow need to come up with a short driveshaft of some sort. Im looking for any advice or help as to what to use or how to go about this. I have attached a couple of photos of the output of the rear transmission and then the rear axle. Hopefully someone can give me some advice. thanks
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Default Re: driveshaft advice for a one of a kind TT

A worn out U-joint for a model A might provide the right internal spline for the gearbox. If you need the flex, you could use the whole u-joint.

i am guessing the axle is solid mounted to the frame so you won't need a torque tube.

From there, if you can find a worn out gearbox output shaft that still has 'good enough' splines to fit into the axle, i guess you trim to length and weld it to the u-joint and behold! A drive shaft.

Now keeping the oil in is another story. Suppose you didn't need much flex. My first (and usual approach) would be to make up the space between the flanges and drive shaft with steel plate, and glue & screw to that plate, with self tapping screws, some leather with a hole in it that is a snug fit to the drive shaft.
Sure the leather won't flex all that well but it'll keep most of the oil in if the shaft is polished enough.
Good enough for a snow mobile.
And if you thought that idea wasn't worth investing enough metal plate to test it, you can mock it up in plywood scrap for a trial run.

Of course you might find you don't need the flexibility and just use the "old salvaged broken U-joint and output shaft" driveshaft and some steel plate flanges, with a large pipe welded between the flanges keeps the oil in better.
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