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Default Harmon Collins Load-a-matic Distributor.....

Dont see many of these laying around for sure. A Harmon Collins Load Amatic for the 49-53 flathead engine.

A little different from the normal crab style Harmon and Collins distributor.
Uses two ignition coils like the others and would be a edge for the time period, with the extended dwell offered by using dual ignition coils. Each coil would fire four cylinders.
This one still uses the load a matic vacuum unit as a vacuum onky advance unit. This is designed to use "venturi" vacuum ( not manifold ) and relies on a vey small signal of 0 to 6 inches of venturi ( carb throat) vacuum.
Dual contacts are synced to each fire four spark plugs ( this one had pertronixs )
In this example there would be a couple thoughts on how to make it work the best with the engine application....

1=time the engine on the pin at TDC and use the vacuum signal at the carb spark port to function as normal.

2=time the engine to the pin at tdc and use manifold vacuum on the intake. This would go to maximum advance after the engine started. We use this (static) timing on race cars and flatheads with vertex mags from time to time and it actually work very well. May require some tuning to find the proper balance for driveability....

3=another option would to use tdc and vacuum signal as well as a mechanical cable to adjust spark timing from the dash of the vehicle. ( just another option , this distributor has a extra bracket for that as well......

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Default Re: Harmon Collins Load-a-matic Distributor.....

looks like a sbc dizzy dont it
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