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Jerry in Shasta
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Default Toe-in

some where I've seen the name of devise for setting toe-in.
I'll be darned if I can find it now.

A body got an idea what I'm looking for.

Thanks JB
Connoisseur of Rust
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Default Re: Toe-in

Search for:
Duby toe‑in alignment gage
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Default Re: Toe-in

I made one out of curtain rod. Cut rod to about 1 1/2 inches short of the distance between the front tires inside edges and JB welded a small carriage bolt in one end. On the other end I slid a bolt and nut into the tube with the bolt threads having one wrap of masking tape on them and the end of the tube buffed clean of any paint. Slathered it up with JB Weld and when it had set for a couple of days I unscrewed the bolt, took the tape off it and put the bolt back into the nut and screwed it back in. To use, I run the car into the garage and stop, block the rear wheels and used the tool to determine the existing distance between the inside edges of the tires. I prop the tool up on two short lengths of 2 X 6 lumber so I get about five and a half inches up off the concrete. Then I loosen the tie rod ends and adjust the tie rod so I have about 1/8 inch more length between the rear of the two tires than at the front of them. Most tires have a little ledge cast into the sidewall and I try to stay right on that ledge with the front of the tires and 1/8 inch off it with the rears of the tires.. I mark the start spot with chalk and roll the car to get the tool on top of the 2 X 6 block at the rear. Takes a few minutes and you will have it aligned. Many have more expensive tools but they are no more accurate and I have several friends that use it whenever they work on their front ends. Total cost was about five dollars for the tube, JB Weld I always have on hand. Fix teeth and everything short of broken bones with it.
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Default Re: Toe-in

You can make this one sold by Bratton's out of PVC and a few nuts and bolts

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Default Re: Toe-in

First make sure your wheels run true, then use a stick as described above or just a tape measure if you're careful.
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Gary WA
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Default Re: Toe-in

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NAPA years back
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Default Re: Toe-in

I bought a stickie tape from Hobby Lobby for $2.39 and a shower curtain from Wallmart for about $10

Loosen tie rod bolts (9/16) on both the left and right side of the tie rods.

Do not make adjustments by turning spindles at end of tie rods, only the tie rods. On the right side tie rod turning the vice grip clockwise will decrease the measurement, counterclockwise will increase the measurement.

First, take the front tire measurement with shower rod with the car about 3 feet back. Front measurement must be 1/16 less than rear measurement. Thus, this will cause the toe in. / \

Second, pull the car forward so the rod will automatically be placed on the rear part of the tire. Read the tape and see what the toe in/out is.
Make adjustments while rod is still positioned on the rear of the tire.

Adjustment is done by clamping vise grip on tie rod and turning tie rod, either clockwise or counterclockwise. The turn is dependent if you need to adjust in or out. While turning tie rod you will see the shower rod moving on the scale on the shower rod.
After achieving the 1/16 toe in, do the process 1 more time as a double check.
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Default Re: Toe-in

Would a SCUFF-PLATE work ?
Bill W.
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Default Re: Toe-in

I bought this and find it a little easier to use than the Duby Gauge
1931 Murray Town Sedan. Black body with Apple Green pin stripe. Cincinnati, OH
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Default Re: Toe-in

Google "Wheel-A-Matic" Toe -in Gauge. Same as Duby but lots cheaper. Got one and it works well.
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