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Default Paul Bradley

I was wondering if any of you has had any dealings with Paul Bradley Floorpans? I received one piece after a long wait. I ordered the back piece for my 33 and he said that he would have it done soon. That was 9 months ago. He charged my credit card for the piece. I have called him and he has stopped returning my calls. His office help always says that she'll gave him the message that I looking for my part. I don't see how anyone can remain in business and do business the way he does. Seems like a nice enough person when I talk to him. Dennis
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Default Re: Paul Bradley

Yep, that's the problem with dealing with them. But I've heard eventually they always deliver and the quality is good. Personally I'd only buy if it was in stock. I would have waited a year for my '33 coupe floors. Instead, I found an original for about the same price. Took a lot less than a year too.
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Default Re: Paul Bradley

It took a loong time for me to get a floor pan, but, WOW, what a nice pan!!
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Default Re: Paul Bradley

In my honest opinion Paul as fine a person I ever met. I met Paul in 2007 at the Charlotte gathering. I think he hates to tell anyone `No'. I believe he over extends himself and his operation and it gets him in trouble. No doubt he is an honest individual and in time you will get your floor pans. It took me over three years but I finally got them, were they worth the wait? You bet! I had many other things that needed attention anyway.

My existing floor pans are not rusted at all, but someone did a very poor job of making them. The body is so good that it deserves a frame off and if I keep it long enough it will get done someday...

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JM 35 Sedan
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Default Re: Paul Bradley

You are right on Shadetree. I met Paul in 2007 at the EFV8C/A Eastern Nat Meet in Fairfax, VA. He was the Deputy Judge for '35-'36 open cars and I helped judge on his team. Same thing at 2010 Charlotte Meet except we judged '35-'36 closed cars. He is the nicest person you would ever want to meet and I also believe he is a very honest person. He told me that the floorpan business is not his only business. That was more his fathers business and I think he is doing his best to keep the floorpan business going. His pans are second to none and right on the money with the original pans that Henry made. The thing is you have to place your order and wait until he is stamping the pans you need or find someone else to buy your pans from, if you can, and they will probably not hold a candle to Paul Bradley's pans. JMO

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Default Re: Paul Bradley

One problem that there is with the floor pans is that the dealers who sell floorpans do not want to stock them. As a result, the pans are not made in large quantity. Since they are not stocked by dealers awaiting customers to purchase them, they have to wait until Paul makes another run of that particular type of pan. I suspect that it would be difficult to set up to build a single rear pan for a 46 one day and a left side pan for a 34 the next day.
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Default Re: Paul Bradley

Took me 3 months of constant calling to get pans for my 36 after the promised date was missed. Paul is a heck of a nice guy like everyone says, just too much work and not enough help. He is the only full-time person with a couple of part-timers helping out at night. WOW is a good description of the pans when I finally received them, nobody makes anything even close to original like Paul. I thought the price was very reasonable for what I got but it is very frustrating when you don't receive them like promised at a set date. I think he does have a hard time saying no or giving a realistic timetable.
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Default Re: Paul Bradley

block head--- drakes front `40 floor pans are far superior and more original to any 40 pan paul bradley has made. his pans are patch panels, are not accurate and different side to side and are made from 3 pieces. the beads don`t line up with the original trans tunnel beads .
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