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Post Re: Still wont start

Maybe a voltage drop and starter draw test?

If the engine wasn't pre-lubed and hand turned after sitting, may be excessive drag.
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Default Re: Still wont start

A number of my friends and I here at fordbarn could tell ya right off the bat if the starter is weak just by hearing the engine crank, but we can't hear it, so I can offer is this;
The old 6-volt electrical systems had larger wiring that what you may be used to seeing with modern 12-volt systems. That is because the lower the voltage, the geater the amperage. The higher the current draw (amperage) is to energize a load, the bigger the supply wire needs to be.
# 1/0 copper cable was used for battery ground and starter cables in the 6-volt systems. If someone has swapped the original cable for a 12-volt battery cable (probably size #4 or thereabouts) it is too small and will heat up quickly). as the cable heats up, it is capable of carrying less ampacity.
Most chain auto parts stores don't carry the larger sizes anymore, but you may find 6-volt sized battery cables at a farm equipment supply store (because a lot of the old fogeys are still using their ancient farm tractors).
If worst comes to worst, you can always get 6-volt battery cables from the repro parts suppliers in various lengths with factory-style cable clamps on them.
I suggest not using the clamp-on type replacement battery cable clamps. You are only digging yourself a deeper hole with these as the clamps tend to corrode quickly between the cable and the terminal clamp.
ALSO, old starting motors can run into problems of their own. Dirty commutator, worn brushes, warped armature or grounded armature. All these play into a poor performing starting experience and will run a battery down quickly.
Best thing I ever did to my '55 was to get a new starter a few years back after having fought the old beast for over 40 years.
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