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Default "Blown" headgasket update - all's well!

Just a quick followup to my unpleasant surprise of finding a whole bunch of water in the crankcase two weeks ago - looks like y'all were right - just needed to retorque the head nuts, and do a few oil changes to flush things out (thanks P.S. and Mitch//pa).

After the first outing, all the headnuts needed to be tightened down a bit. On the second outing, just the last one (#14 by Les Andrews' numbering), on the third outing, #14 again, but just a little.

Each oil change (after each outing) also had successively less milky-white fluid in there. On the most recent one (outing #3), I tossed in 6oz of SeaFoam which I had on the shelf - it claims to absorb moisture in the crankcase, so I figured why not give it a try - draining that batch of oil showed absolutely no signs of milkiness at all. The water level in the radiator also has remained unchanged, which is what I was really watching out for.

Whew - I think I dodged a bit of a bullet - hopefully no major damage, and I'll definitely be making checking the headnuts torque part of my routine.

Thanks guys - I love this place!
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