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Default Re: FH Valve Springs

Frank - when you use a larger diameter spring than stock, you will not be able to assemble the engine the "easy way" - by dropping the whole valve, guide, spring and keeper assembly in from the top. You'll have to "assemble the springs" inside the valley area - which isn't a lot of fun and requires a set of tools designed for this specific task. It is by far easier to use Ford's method - where all you need is a good flathead "valve bar" and you don't have to worry about dropping retainers and keepers down into the bowels of the engine.
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Default Re: FH Valve Springs

My guilds will be similar but, made of aluminum, with 1/2" aluminum bronze stock, drilled and reamed, pressed into them. I could put the PC type seals, directly on the bronze stock if, you think it helps.

I'm also considering a pressed in guild, with a shoulder, since I have to use 1 3/4 aluminum stock, to start with.

Does anyone use pressed in guilds?



B&S, I just saw your post after posting. I guess the pressed in guilds would go along with my spring use. Unless there a reason not to do it, I'll go with it.

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