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fried okra
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Default Re: Personal Record Set

The cheapest I ever saw was in Detroit area in 1969...... was $.19 for regular, but my Ram Air GTO needed Sunoco at $24.9
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Big hammer
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Default Re: Personal Record Set

Slow down ! saves gas and money! keep your tires aired up! follow big rig’s at a save distance!
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Default Re: Personal Record Set

The back of my ration sticker says to drive 35 to save gas and tires. It also says to share the ride.

Just wondering how 35 mph on the highway would work when most people, including semi trucks, are driving at 80.

Remember the government telling us to drive 55 during the last gas crisis? Wind drag increases as the square of the speed, so the drag at 70 is 4 times what it is at 35. The drag on a modern car is low to begin with but the Model A has the aerodynamics of a bill board.
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Ed in Maine
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Default Re: Personal Record Set

MassAMan has made a good comment regarding the GAV to save gas. The GAV is a bypass around the Compensator Jet in the carburetor bowl to add more gas on startup when the engine is cold. This gas gets to the intake manifold via the Cap Jet. It is easy to forget to turn the GAV down for best operation after warmup. When rebuilding your carburetor consider sizing the Main Jet at the lower end of its published range of 150 ml/min to 160 ml/min. If you happen to have a Main Jet at 160 ml/min you are somewhat limited with the use of the GAV because most likely the car is getting plenty of gas and the GAV is nearly closed. If the Main Jet is sized at 150 ml/min, the car will need a bit more gas at speed which gives you the opportunity to have the GAV open a bit more for the best adjustment. You can feel this while driving at 35-40 mph. Start closing the GAV until you feel the car start to slow a bit with the accelerator held constant. Then open the GAV just a 1/4 turn. Happy Motoring, Ed
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Default Re: Personal Record Set

Originally Posted by jack backer View Post
The kids will be eating the putty out of the windows before I quit fueling my A..
Well said....and that IS the right attitude!
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