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Default Need a special request from everyone !

As some of you might know my Daughter of 27 has crohn's disease . Well it started a sack on her wall of her stomach . It was the size of a gold ball . Hanover hospital put a drain in it and gave her 2 to 3 of the strongest meds to get rid of this . She was in the hospital for 7 days and sent home . The meds they gave her lasted 10 days then 3 days after that she had trouble keeping food down . So this time we took her to York hospital and they told us the drain that Hanover put in wasn't right and wouldn't work . So York put in a new one and showed my daughter how to clean and hep records on what comes out . They figured it would be in her for 2 weeks then should all be cleared up . Well Wed she had trouble keeping food down and by Friday couldn't even keep water . She had a Dr appointment on Fridays so when she went there he told her to go back to York to see what's causing the problem . My daughter was in very good spirits and was happy to go back to York to get her cleared up .
Well Her heart rate yesterday was low so they moved her to ICU . Things looked OK So Sherry and I went to see her today at 4pm . When we got there we had the biggest shock of our life's !
There was so many Dr's around her room and the light was flashing CODE BLUE . That means heart problems . My daughter's heart has stopped beating for some unknown reason ans they were doing CPR on her when we got there . The did get the heart going with one single shock .
She is now in intensive care fighting for her life right now ! I have never seen so many tubes and wires hooked up to someone like that before . We asked what the heck caused her heart to stop and everyone tells us the same thing , They have no idea on why this has happened ! We aren't sure if they aren't telling us something or what but I really don't understand why this should have happened so fast like this .
Also from all the meds they gave her all at once her kidneys is having trouble flushing them all out .
So right now my wife and I are praying all we can for my daughter . On top of that , Today was her birthday !

So what I am asking is for everyone you know to PLEASE pray for her life and a fast recovery .

Sp Please can everyone asked our Dear GOD to save my daughter and make her better . This is our only child since my wife had 3 miscarriages before we had my daughter .
My daughter never gave us any problems with drugs , smoked or anything like that . She was a honor student all the way through school and even got the Presidents Award when she Graduated . Shes a great kid that anyone would love to have . We don't understand why this is happening to us and just pray this will all come out OK with her .
So Thanks for everyone thoughts and prayers .

Please pray for my daughters life .

Thanks to everyone for all your help and prayers .
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