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Default Generator wiring

On a 48 59AB, what is the correct wiring setup for the generator I have mounted, in relation to the voltage regulator? I think I have it correct but just wanna make sure. Is it the ARM wire on the back plate, the FLD on the side, and the ground terminal right below this? With the engine running, should the FLD terminal (if it have it wired correctly) have volts going through it because my doesn't. I am so confused and frustrated in trying to find out if my battery is getting charged or not. Any guidance would be very welcomed!

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Default Re: Generator wiring

I just worked on a 47 Lincoln this morning with the same generator and wireing. There is no voltage at the generator until the field terminal is grounded through the voltage regulator. One way to test the generator is to remove the fan belt, short the field terminal to the ground connection and touch a heavy wire from the - of the battery to the ARM connection on the gen. It should run like an electric motor. On this regulator the Arm was on the left, the field in the center and battery on the right. On some the connections are reversed. Make sure the through bolt on the bottom is not rubbing on the wire that connects the two field coils together. This was the problem on the Lincoln. G.M.

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