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Default steering question

I have an extra 2 tooth steering box I would like to play with. I mounted the steering box in a position similar to the way it is in the car, I attached a spare pitman arm and checked the movement. now guys remember I have never done this before. so with the pitman arm in a vertical position and the bolt that locks it in place positioned at 12 o'clock ,I cannot turn the steering to the right at all. I can turn it to the left until the bolt is in the 3 o'clock position. this does not seem proper to me ? any clues out there. second question: drag link, I have about 1/4 in. play at the connection I checked the components and they look like the book, wondering is there a made filler washer I can add in to take up the space? as always thanks for the help THE HOOCH
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Default Re: steering question

Just guessing but your probably at its right limit. Unless the pitman arm is keyed I would put it at the 1:30 position then remove pitman arm and reattach it at 12:00.this should give you equal movement left and right. As I said just a guess
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Joe K
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Default Re: steering question

Note you have two adjustments - the hex - and the slotted rivet

You want to start with the hex at a position so the attached eccentric is as close to the centerline of the sector/pitman arm shaft as possible. Position the slotted rivet such that its eccentric is pointing at the shaft shaft too. (opposite direction from the hex but mirror imaged.)

In this position there is caused the most distance between the centerline of the worm radius and the centerline of the sector/pitman arm shaft. This should give you full rotation of the steering wheel to the limits in both direction.

Now move the hex one way or the other perhaps a quarter turn. You should find the steering sector now "binds" turning the wheel in one direction. You can turn the slotted rivet and compensate for this.

The way it works is by working the two adjustments you're moving the sector "off center" to its natural path in the worm. What you do to the hex you have to "match" and oppose in the slotted adjustment to try to maintain a clear path for the two tooth.

The trick is play around with both adjustments to get the sector "tight" at steering wheel mid-position, but with increasing free play as the steering wheel is turned to the ends of its travel.

You'll play around with this for upwards of an hour before what you're doing becomes apparent and repeatable.

Victor Page in his fine book "The Model A Ford" (period instruction) addresses the adjustment sequence (there is a standardized methodology to this beyond what I say above) Looking quickly Victor's fine description is not seen online, but the following pdf follows Victors instruction with new pictures and more hints.


Good luck with this. I've always had my best luck doing this at the bench rather than in the car. You're wise to proceed this way.

Joe K
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