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Default revisiting 1960 Ford 292 Y-Block PCV

So I got into a discussion here about replacing the existing road draft system with a PCV set-up. Got mixed reviews as to if it would suck oil if the PCV valve was installed in the road draft position as opposed to in the valley pan as later models. Came across a pic of 1961 Ford vent system. That year Ford offered 2. Road draft at rear of the block and closed PCV system in the same position. So I fab'd a housing to replace the road draft set-up with a grommet/PCV in the top. I used a PCV for a Ford 302, ran a temporary hose to a fitting in the intake in front of the carb. Started the car and no real difference in idle but wondered if oil was being sucked out with the fumes. I knew the PCV was working as I could feel the suction in the filler tube. I found a used glass in-line fuel filter and removed the filter element and grafted it in the PCV hose. After about a half hour of idling I did see a slight mist of oil passing thru the filter. I had bought an machined aluminum oil separator months ago just in case. I figured if a separator was good enough for Volvo, BMW and Jaguar it's good enough for a Ford! Added it into the line between the PCV and the glass filter. We took it out yesterday and put about 100 miles on the car, about 30 hi-way, 30 city and rest on hilly country roads. I found no difference in performance from any loss of vacuum from the PCV. Found about 1/4 teaspoon of oil in the separator.Today I modified the open filler cap to be closed with a hose to draw air from the air cleaner. far so good. If I lose 1/4 tsp of oil oil every 100 mi's I can live with that.
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Default Re: revisiting 1960 Ford 292 Y-Block PCV

I really can't speak to the low front mount draft tube location, I've only worked with the valley pan location. But a baffle is needed to deflect oil droplets or splash in the valley pan. Later model engines that used the valve cover generally had them. As you said, you can probably live with that, it not going into the intake if the separator catches it.
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Default Re: revisiting 1960 Ford 292 Y-Block PCV

I have had good results using the baffled valley covers and simply putting a grommet/PCV valve at that point where the rear mounted road draft tube originally exited. Years ago I put a PCV valve in my '55 Ford valley cover which did not have the aforementioned baffle and to this day, it still works like a charm without any kind of baffle. I'm still driving that car today and there are zero oil consumption issues. I likely just got lucky in the placement of that hole for the PCV valve but that valve is much higher than the lower floor of the valley which has to help in that regard. Ted Eaton .
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