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Default 52-54 Ford heater vacuum line routing

After spending a few weeks trying to get heat in my Vic, I solved the problem, thanks to many of you Ford people! Now that I have heat, I wanted to figure out why I could not control the temperature of the heat? the Ford manual tells how the system works but that is about it. The diagram of the system is not easy to understand. I spent hours studying the drawing.
Besides the Heater Control Valve ,which could be installed on the right head or on the right inner fender(either is correct)BUT there is also a Vacuum Thermostat Valve located in the cabin at the heater Plenum. After looking at this Valve and seeing only a couple of mechanical cables going to it, I wondered how this Valve could have a bearing on the temperature range of the heater.
I noticed there were two ports coming from this interior valve. One looked as though it could support a 1/4 inch vacuum tube and the other was smaller maybe a 3/16 tube?
I proceeded to find the tubes that I believed should connect to these tubes. With my head under the dash, I noticed a backflow connector with two tubes connecting to it. Not sure what I was doing, I disconnected the two tubes and found that each tube was a different diameter. The next logical thing to do was attach each tube to the correct port. I did this and was surprised to see that I completed the heater system as Henry designed it. At least that is what I thought. Anyway, everything works as it should and I surprised myself.
I know many of you put your cars away for the winter and are not concerned about the heating system but I like to use my car once in a great while and living in New england you need a heater.
I hope that this info will help someone who has a similar situation as I had. My thanks to all of you who were kind enough to get me on the right track! RON
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Default Re: 52-54 Ford heater vacuum line routing

glad you got it working. heat is a wonderful thing even on cool summer nights. yes, i too need a driving fix occasionally in the long winter. my model A coupe with a manifold heater works good on mild winter day. happy motoring
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