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Default Bendix Spring bolts

A question comes up periodically at the club meetings regarding the bendix spring bolts. Should they be tight against the spring or slightly loose, with the tabs on the washer keeping the bolts from backing out. Thanks.

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Kurt in NJ
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Default Re: Bendix Spring bolts

If they are tight, and fit the threads tight rarely will they come loose or break--- when they are run loose the threads wear and there's more bending motions to fatigue the bolts----
I don't run starter on 12 volts, but I have used the starter to drive the car out of the garage to work on the not running car to get in better light, and when the clutch was stuck I would start the car in first, drive shifting without the clutch, stopping the engine at light and stop signs---- the car has been putting up with my uses of it with few complaints, 35 years ago I took a bendix I got in the trash and used new bolts and locks--- I would guess that starting in gear is harder on it than 12 volts
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Bob Bidonde
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Default Re: Bendix Spring bolts

The Bendix starter drives were troublesome throughout the Model "A" years judging by the quantity of service bulletins issued about them. My comments regard the A-11350-C Drive.

Refer to the Ford Service Bulletin for June 1931, Pages 570, 571 & 572. Starter Spring Clips A-11383 were installed on the drive to provide a bearing surface for the first 1/4 coil on each end of the spring. So these clips put sheet metal between the spring eyes and the drive body. On Page 572 at the bottom of the spring clip text, there is a paragraph warning not to tighten the spring screws to the point where the spring eye cuts into the clips.

The spring is going to elongate and put a twisting torque on the spring screws regardless of how tight the screws are. If the screws are tight, they will cause acceleration of wear on the spring clips, the spring eyes and the spring screw heads.

Because of the twisting torque of the spring eyes, Ford put special anti-rotation lock washers on the drive to engage the screw heads and drive body. Besides the special lock washers, I suggest you use a thread locking compound.

The diameter of the Bendix bolts changed from 5/16" to 3/8" when the V8 went into production. The V8 Starter Drives are interchangeable with the Model "A" drives.

The ultimate solution for Bendix drive problems, the most notorious of which is broken screws in the flywheel housing, is to use a quality-made modern starter drive.
Bob Bidonde

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