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Default Starter Issue....

Hello all,
After my Dad's passing in June I'm working to get his 2 Model A's running. (31'Deluxe roadster and a Coupe). Beautiful cars that have been in the family since the 60's....

After installing a new battery and cleaning the carb which had a main jet clogged, I got it running. It started the next day, and then on the 3rd day it was "dead as a doornail....." Now, I step on the starter pedal and nothing..... no clicks, nothing.

Here's what I know:

Battery new and showing full charge. Posts and terminals clean.
Lights turn on but horn doesn't work
Dad installed a fuse, and there is power to the block and the fuse tests OK.
The starter pinon gear is NOT stuck in the ring gear as I could turn motor by hand.
I have read the importance of the ground connections and I will check that today. Yes. I know it is a positive ground system. The positive post is grounded to the frame, and there is a strap also going from that connection to a bolt on the transmission. Hard to imagine that the ground could go bad overnight after having it running, but I will check nonetheless.

When the starter was working, it was slow and laboring. Not sure if this is normal or not?

Question? Can you "short" the starter to see if it works?

I do not know the inner working of a Model A starter, and perhaps the starter itself has failed. But, before I take it out to be tested, thought I'd ask questions here first.

Thanks for any and all comments and suggestions. Scott in Colorado.
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Default Re: Starter Issue....

First, put the car in third gear and see if you can rotate the engine by pushing the car. Or use youR crank. If not, your starter is jammed against the ring gear. Push really hard backwards and it should pop free. Don’t push forward. Good luck.
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Patrick L.
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Default Re: Starter Issue....

If the starter drive is not stuck and the engine turns freely, then it sounds like it may be a starter switch issue. Check make sure you have full battery voltage to the starter terminal.

It doesn't hurt to every once in awhile take off the grounds and clean them up.[ even with the 2nd ground wire]
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Default Re: Starter Issue....

I am not 100% sure since I have not tried it, but if you remove the starter switch and jump the Battery negative terminal (or the large lead on the starter switch) directly to the contact on the starter it should work. May get some arcing. I would 1st test it with the ignition off.
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