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Steve Ferguson
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Default Data plates, VIN for 1931 A

What is on the data plate that is on the firewall, passenger side? Mine is missing. Where is the VIN located? I have the VIN number, but only on the registration. Where is the motor # located? What other numbers are there if any and where are they. This is a 1931 late model pick up body, but I have a 1931 sedan frame, engine and running gear.
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Charlie Stephens
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Default Re: Data plates, VIN for 1931 A

You posted in a forum intended for questions to the editors which is seldom read or responded to. You should post your question here: https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=3

The data plate on the passenger side held on by 4 rivets only lists the patents used to manufacture the vehicle. They are available as a reproduction but to ensure the highest quality go to a reputable vender. If you had included a general location in your profile I might be able to better recommend someone. There may have also been a "Body Number" in this general location. Bodies built by Ford did not have a body tag, only those manufactured by subcontractors.

Besides the patent plate and the body there may be a number stamped into the sill of the body that will tell where the vehicle was assembled.

For many years the number used to register the vehicle was the motor number which was stamped into a boss cast into the left side (as viewed from the drivers seat) of the engine on the block just below the parting line between the head and the block. Most state DMV's will not use this number since it is easy too change an engine (again, where are you located?). This number was also stamped into the top of the left frame rail but it is necessary to lift the body to read it. It may be rusted out or too faint to read.

You said you have a number only on the registration, how do you know the registration is for the vehicle you have? Your DMV might well ask the same question. If you just purchased the vehicle you should ask the person you bought it from to clean up the problem (if they can't, I would tell him to take the vehicle back). Don't invest any money in the vehicle until the paperwork is clean.

Charlie Stephens

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