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JM 35 Sedan
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Default Re: Need for early condensers?

Originally Posted by rotorwrench View Post
Modern materials for capacitors are superior to what was used in the 1930s. A lot of the really old stuff has likely deteriorated by now. It's basically the microfarad value that is important. Early ones had a bit higher value than the later ones after the war. Ford went back to the can type coils in the 8BA era. If the old original coils still work, they should work as well as Skips rebuilds unless they have gone bad for one reason or another. Skip's will last longer due to better materials but the function should be the same unless he changed the internal design.
The original early Ford coils, from say '32 to '48, were wound with inferior insulation on the magnet wire as compared to insulated magnet wires available today. Even the pouring resins, or other potting compound's were inferior to the material available and used today. If I had an NOS '32 to '48 coil that I wanted to use on my car, I would have it rebuilt using modern insulating materials. Actually, I wouldn't go much beyond the end of my driveway without a coil being built with modern insulations, and I use Skip Haney to rewind/rebuild my coils because I've personally seen his operation, and he's the best I know of at what he does.

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Default Re: Need for early condensers?

Originally Posted by 34fordy View Post
Does this mean you are looking for a supplier of an appropriate capacitor that will fit into your "Trash Can"? Or is it that the materials to build the mid .30's capacitor are not available?
A capacitor with the values I would like to have do not fit in my "trash can" case, much less a case that would fit into a '33-'36 distributor/coil (or a '37-'41 for that matter).

As to "materials to build the mid .30's capacitor", it is impractical (and probably impossible) to make a better capacitor than is commercially available. I definitely would not attempt it.

It is interesting that several have speculated about how "Skip" may or may not do his coils. It is informative that even the most knowledgeable among us use the terms "imagine" and "unless he changed" when referencing his work. I have never considered what "Bubba" suggests, but now that he has, it makes perfect sense. It would be interesting to know. I would expect he has a much better insight on this that the rest of us.

Anyway, until one of my condensers fail or someone complains about excessive pitting on their points after X,000 miles, I'm gonna "keep on keepin' on".

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Default Re: Need for early condensers?

I've have not used your condenser yet tubby. Was hoping you would send me one to try out. I'm "limpin'" around with a napa ih200. It took 3 to find a decent one. 3 of them probably 15$ over one of yours.

Coils to condensers or apples and oranges. Skip is the man.

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Default Re: Need for early condensers?

Originally Posted by tubman View Post
I have been working off and on with "Karl" in New Zealand on a replacement condenser for his 1934 Ford. As we all know, he has gotten extremely busy lately, and I don't want to interrupt him or his very important work. (Dealing with the problem of sending parts around the world didn't help either.) .........
Still here - You guys are my salvation.

I hope to get some miles on the V8 soon and to try the new condensor out .
The issue with the first one I tried was that the screw in end was a little weak.

I find it easiest to install the condenser by removing the coil and installing the condenser and then refitting the combination to the distributor Because the condenser is screwed to the coil and you have to jiggle things a little to bolt the tab to the distributor bolt you can break the screw end of the condenser as I did.

I tested it before installing at 220 nanofarads and when i had the miss I felt that perhaps this was a little low for the helmet as people talk about 330 nanofarads being ideal but i suspect it was the damage i did to the screw end that was the problem.

Certainly having brought heaps of NOS condensers I can testify that they are all garbage - We need a long term solution -Karl
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