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Default Clutch Question

Is the throwout bearing press fit to the hub? Or do I just have some 80 year old grease that make the bearing feel like it is press fit?

Thanks for any help.
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Default Re: Clutch Question

IIRC it'a light press fit.
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Marshall V. Daut
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Default Re: Clutch Question

There are two easy and safe ways (for the bearing) that I have used for years without losing the patient during the operation.
(1) Open a vise's jaws so that the bearing's inner sleeve will just be supported on either side of the vise. Do not open the jaws any wider than that or else the bearing will be distorted during the next steps! Place the open crimped face of the throwout bearing up so that any escaping grease does not fling forward and get onto the pressure plate's face. With the throwout bearing oriented that way and the sleeve's edges supported by the vise's jaws, place the collar inside the bearing from the top, ensuring it starts straight. Place a wooden block across the top of the collar and use a hammer to drive the collar down through the bearing's inner sleeve, checking during the first few downward movements that the collar is going down straight. The wooden block will absorb the hammer blows so that the edges of the collar don't get distorted. Once the sleeve has been started and is lined up straight, then you can hammer the sleeve home via the wooden block. You will feel when the collar seats against the bearing's inner sleeve. Spin the bearing afterwards with your fingers to ensure it doesn't bind. It should have some resistance. If it spins freely like a roller bearing, it's no good. If you can't spin it at all or if the resistance is too much, the bearing is probably bent.
(2) Or, place the bearing with the correct orientation (open side up) over the collar in a vertical position, ensuring it sits straight. Slightly tap the edges of the collar to begin its downward movement. Not much, just enough so that the collar doesn't fall out when the assembly is turned horizontally. With the vise's jaws open as wide as necessary, place the two pieces between the jaws and begin turning the vise's handle, slowly at first to ensure the collar goes in straight. Once you're sure it is doing so, then you can crank the collar home until it seats against the throwout bearing's inner sleeve.
Because over the years I have had to do this with smaller vises that don't open far enough, I prefer method #1. That works any place, no matter what the vise's size. It just needs to open wide enough to support the throwout bearing's inner sleeve edges.

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Gene F
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Default Re: Clutch Question

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I tend to use the handle method with plywood over the jaw.
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