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BRENT in 10-uh-C
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Default Re: babbit tolerance? .000?

MIKE V FLORIDA stated in post #: 83

I "jumped to the conclusion that Ford used "Babbitt"!" What did he use? Never mind I don't believe I would get a straight answer.

Mike, therein lies the root of this thread. Do the research yourself straight from the source. Read the factory M-specs (Ford's written Material Specifications for his departments and from supplying vendors ) Do the research directly from the source, and not from someone's webpage or something you read from here.

Let me see, here it is, the definition of Babbitt, "Babbitt metal or bearing metal, is any of several alloys used for the bearing surface in a plain bearing." If Ford did not use an alloy for the bearing surface in a plain bearing what did he use?

Again Mike, your definition is accurate however Babbitt is a trade name, -and as such it was not a brand name that was used as bearing material in the 1928-31 Ford engines. Don't take my word on this, ...instead, go to the archives and research this for yourself. It plainly states what the contents of his designed bearing alloy is.

I commented on what was in the video! The video about a model A engine stated Ford used lead based Babbitt in the A. You say he did not use Babbitt at all. The video is on Ron's facebook page with NO corrections. That tells me he accepted the video as fact on the content and procedures.

You have comments, make them with Rons Machine shop since he accepted the video as fact.

Mike, you continue to post assumptions based on something you have no knowledge of. Yes, you commented here and publicly on Ron's Facebook wall, however just because they posted a link to their social media page does not mean they accepted the content as 100% accurate.

Instead of you being confrontational on the social media page, why did you not FIRST contact Hagarty for an explanation to their comments? Then afterwards contact Ron or BJ to hear their side first before making assumptions about what they approve or disapprove of. As I stated earlier, none of Ron's employees made that statement publicly on that video, -and for all you know, Damon may have mis-stated what he heard, --or read that from another source outside of Ron's. Again, please consider getting your facts directly from the source instead of making accusations based on other's assumptions or hearsay.

BRENT in 10-uh-C
...(...Finally Updated!! )

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Mike V. Florida
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Default Re: babbit tolerance? .000?

Here is a website that sells the stuff used in bearing and low and behold they use the term Babbitt throughout the site. Why are they not sued?




I can't find a single supplier of the material used in bearing that does not call it Babbitt.

A trademark? https://www.trademarkia.com/trademar...spx?tn=babbitt NOPE not a trade mark for metals.

Could Brent be wrong? NO WAY, NOT EVER, even if he has to change definitions to suit himself.

I have no problem in being proved wrong, none at all that is how one learns. But being told I'm wrong "because", went out when I was 6.

So what have we learned, Brent is divine in all things model A and we are all ignorant losers who should shut up and sell our A's.

Who else is wrong? I know, the Dykes Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia. you see even in the 1920 edition they refer to the act of babbitting and the use of Babbitt. Sending the ford Model T rods back to Ford to have them rebabbitted at a cost of $.75 cents. But that's not true because Ford did not use Babbitt, right.

What any of this has to do with the video I don't know we were led off the mark trying to gain knowledge. That ain't happening this time. The thousands and thousands of sites that sell and refer to "Babbitt" are wrong. The sites that say "Babbitt" is not a trademark like Kleenex are wrong. Only one person is right, Lord Brent.

Have a great day Brent glad I could make you feel superior.
What's right about America is that although we have a mess of problems, we have great capacity - intellect and resources - to do some thing about them. - Henry Ford II

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Joe K
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Default Re: babbit tolerance? .000?

Can we close this thread?

Insightful editing could do a lot and allow the useful information to remain.

Joe K
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Default Re: babbit tolerance? .000?

Really bummed about the bickering... Ugh...
Ryan Cochran*
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