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Default Insert con rod suggestions

We wish to build an OHV B4 , just a very stout street motor ,as we sure know our way around a flathead v8 well B4s are new to us. What are folks thoughts on a preference to new insert con rods as to a particular brand. We have a decent cam from Jim Brierly , a good B4 block, unsure yet wether we will used the good counterweighted crank or pop for a new one. Pistons are allo in the information gathering zone.
We have a new Steve Serr head.
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Dave in MN
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Default Re: Insert con rod suggestions

I have had good service from Antique Engine Rebuilding (AER) inserted rods on many engines. Mostly mild but a few hot A's and B's were built and are providing good service with these AER rods.

Straying from your question:
Please keep this forum updated as to your progress with the Serr head. I, for one, am very interested in your progress and end result. A Serr topped B is a project I would like to start.
Good Day!
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Default Re: Insert con rod suggestions

Ross racing pistons have thinner rings,better oil seal.

If you don't plan on racing then a lot of the lower end upgrades are not needed,babbit works well,early B crank too..weld on counterweights if you want,but an early B crank with a harmonic balancer will work.Full pressure oiling,fancy rods,counterbalanced cross drilled cranks in street driven cars are a waste of money in my opinion. Well balanced stock lower end components fills the bill. Even with the Serr head you probably wont spin the engine near 3k..torque flattens out at around 2500.Compression at 6.5 to 1 or so.

The cragar head,which Serr based his head on,was a highly successful OHV conversion to a stock model a engine.Even in a high load application like trucks the engine held up well. They key words here are stock..A crank,A rods,heavy flywheel,stock cam..on babbitt.
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Jim Brierley
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Default Re: Insert con rod suggestions

I agree with Railcarmover! Until my last Bonneville engine I always used stock B rods, mostly with babbitt. Dipper oiling is good to 4,000 RPM's or so. I've always run C cranks, because I have them. I ran stock replacement pistons on my early Miller, since sold. I've also run '55 Olds pistons in several engines, but think Ross pistons are the best, very light weight, if a bit costly. On one set of B rods I inserted using bearings for a Volvo engine. Dipper oiling has some advantages, oil gets splashed around everywhere as soon as engine is started, no waiting until pressure comes up, less apt to leak, etc. Good luck and have fun!
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