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Default Model A Rear Differential Plug

I recently acquired a Model A and am working my way around the car, changing the oils and greases, and lubing the zerk fitting. While trying to check the fluid level in the rear differential, I could not find a socket/plug that fits into the plug to loosen it. Is there a special tool? I tried my 3/8 and 1/2 square fitting and they would not go it. It appears this might be a 7/16 plug. Is that right? Any ideas on getting that plug out? Thanks for helping.
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Joe K
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Default Re: Model A Rear Differential Plug

Probably the best tool you could use would be a socket extension for a 1/2" socket set upon which you grind down the male square end to fit your 7/16 (or whatever it is) differential drain/fill plugs.

I was young once - rather than "ruin" (in my eyes then) a perfectly good tool I had a piece of square scrap metal upon which I resolved to use a pair of vice-grips for leverage. Grinding it down as I described above, I found the sparks "thready" and quite brilliant in nature - I had chosen a piece of TOOL STEEL to make my dedicated tool. A positive case of technical undersight and capability overkill on my material selection.

Today I would use one of the Kobalt, Craftman or Husky socket extensions. All available from the "Big box" stores. Probably the shortest you can buy because reach is not the issue - rather cost is - and shorter is cheaper.

After a while of dealing with a Model A you learn that certain tools are "unique" to the beast, and you're wise to start developing and keeping these tools.

And, while one can be tempted to duct-tape and bailing wire a functional tool together from bits and pieces - one should always remember "The best tools are none too good" and that better IS better for a reason. And you deserve it to yourself - and to service your car in the best manner possible.

I take pleasure in my tools. In a way they are a measure of my own capability, as well as adding TO that capability. I hope you do too.

Welcome to the Model A Club. Won't you join us upstairs in the "General Discussion" Board? No question too small or answer too long upstairs.

Joe K
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