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Originally Posted by trulyvintage View Post
Just visited and shot a video a couple days ago - put it on Facebook:

FreighTer Jim Travels - Click Here

There is no " Best One ".

There are several quality Model T engine rebuilders .....

Agreed that there are a handful of T engine rebuilders who do quality work.

So what makes Ross the best? He does not bitch, complain, and moan as if he has to turn over heaven and earth just to rebuild your engine the way you want. Who wants to listen to some old bastard carp and complain about how difficult the job is and how they are the only one who can do it?

Ross is not as old as some of the other guys who rebuild T engines, and he doesn't have their crybaby attitude.

Ross does the job cheerfully and you don't have to listen to a bunch of curmudgeonly crap.
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