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Default Re: Model A Marine Engine

Right now for the sump pumps (once in three year need - but when it's there it's THERE) I have a Coleman Powermate I bought because "the engine ran but won't generate. I followed the circuit back to a break in the field coil at a point where the manufacturer had located the wire through a hole - and staked it in place with a dab of silicone. The silicone cause heat which caused a failure.

During my Briggs & Stratton machinations I caught up with a professional repairman who indicated the typical life of the Coleman Powermate was about 50 hours continuous use; they're basically a disposable engine.

The typical Contractors generator is bought at Home Depot - used until it shows symptoms of giving trouble - then immediately replaced by another of the same ilk and from the same store. Meanwhile the first worn out generator goes on sale on Craigslist for about half the cost of new - this assuming it still runs. The one I found priced a lot less because it was no good as a generator.

Honda is obviously a superior machine - and for a reason since it's about twice the money - or more.

We're drifting a bit afield. The AA truck I bought in Connecticut was used as a carry platform for a welder circa 1932. I believe it was driven by a Model A engine of which I was offered along with the truck. I turned it down - that was probably a bad move. The AA truck had 26K original miles on it.

Oh well. Someone is enjoying it somewhere I'm sure.

The former owner of the truck OR the man I sold it to probably populates this board at times.

Small world.

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