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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Originally Posted by alanwoodieman View Post
I have seen this truck in person. The engine was stuck and I am sure the rings will need to be replaced eventually, but give it a little more time to see if the rings will free up, run some MM in the oil and in the gas. I know that it had some stuck valves that Al got working. I helped a local man rewire his 38 cabover and we could not find a harness for it, we just made one for it, he choose to modify it it anyway with 12 volts and more lights, turn signals, electric fuel pump, but still runs an original flathead. The 38 runs about 40 mph top end and the trans is noisy but does not vibrate. PM me for more info or questions.
Talk about posting in the right forum. I'm sure you know more about this truck than I do. I'll be emailing you shortly to pick your brain about the truck and the rewiring.

Originally Posted by 47COE View Post
Nice looking truck.

I totally rewired my 47 COE. Didn't find a wiring harness for it. So I bought a 47 pickup wiring harness and then adapted that. Most of the wiring under the dash was OK, but I had to make up wires and cables for a lot of things. I'm not sure if getting the pickup harness was worth it.

I kept my system 6 volts and it works well. Because I made up much of my own wiring, I was able to use heavy gauge wire just to make sure. Let me know if you would like more details.

I just went to my local tire dealer and bought retread tires: 7.50x20 in front and four traction 8.25x20 for the rear.

What happened to the fuel filler? I don't see it in the photo.

Interesting that the grille is held in place with different latches than my truck has. I wonder when they changed the latches.

Thanks Tom. I like the truck. It's a work in progress but I'll get there. I have three sons that are stoked to get it on the road. I'll shoot you an email as well and get more details on your rewire.

The previous owner pulled the factory seats and put temp seats in the truck. He had to pull the factory fuel tank for the temp seats. I'll have the re-covered seats tomorrow and the factory fuel tank will be going back in shortly.

The hood latches are getting tossed this winter. The factory ones are in a box in the garage. The only corrosion that I've found is in the drivers windshield frame and the cowl piece below the grill. I'm sure he used those rubber hood latches because the factory ones wouldn't grab solid steel. We'll see.
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