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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Nice looking truck.

I totally rewired my 47 COE. Didn't find a wiring harness for it. So I bought a 47 pickup wiring harness and then adapted that. Most of the wiring under the dash was OK, but I had to make up wires and cables for a lot of things. I'm not sure if getting the pickup harness was worth it.

I kept my system 6 volts and it works well. Because I made up much of my own wiring, I was able to use heavy gauge wire just to make sure. Let me know if you would like more details.

I just went to my local tire dealer and bought retread tires: 7.50x20 in front and four traction 8.25x20 for the rear.

What happened to the fuel filler? I don't see it in the photo.

Interesting that the grille is held in place with different latches than my truck has. I wonder when they changed the latches.

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