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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Thanks for the compliments. It's really a 15 to 20 year dream come true. I've been looking for the right truck for at least that long.

On another note, drove it a couple of times today. The smoke seems to be clearing up a bit. The tires are definetly biasply. They shook like crazy at all speeds. I still havn't had it over 25 probably. The trans seems to be the vibration that the previous owner was talking about. It gets noisy and vibrates over 20. Not all the time but probably 75% of it. I have a full gasket set and rings for the pistons. I should probably pull the motor and transmission and clean them both up and go through the trans. I'll probably wait until snow starts flying. I gotta get my garage cleaned up so I can shoehorn it in this winter.

41Ford1, The tires are really weather cracked. I don't think any tire shop in thier right mind would touch them unless the tires were coming off and into the dumpster. It would be nice to have some new tires and get the wheels powder coated. They got to come off to get it in the garage anyway.
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