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Default Re: Radio in my PicUp

Originally Posted by rfitzpatrick View Post
Even if I found one -- where would you install it, what problems would I likely deal with. This would be in a Closed Cab '31

Buy this Sony portable wireless. You can hang it nearby you or place it at any place you want. Connect you phone through bluetooth and use Pandora, (has lots of AM/FM radios) or any music software you like.

Moreover, it is great to receive or do phone calls when driving your A. I have my phone with a magnet.

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (SRS-XB12/B)

For long hours trips, let's say all day out in a picnic, I have in the A a phone battery charger at Amazon. Charges the phone and speaker more than once with a full charge.

Power Bank 25000mAh Portable Charger Battery Pack with 3 Outputs & 2 Inputs Huge Capacity Backup Battery Compatible Smartphone,Tablet and More

My car also has a Motorola period radio with the valves box attached to the firewall on the engine side. Only has AM, you can't hear it well with all the noice of the car when driving. Works fantastic. The antenna is under the car. Good conversational piece.

hope this helps

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